Pediatric dentistry
Published On: February 15, 2022

Parents are always looking for ways to promote healthy habits that will help their kids down the line. Taking care of their teeth and gums is one of the most important habits that children develop early on. Creating the right environment and applying the right assistance can help kids appreciate and even look forward to brushing their teeth. 

Tips That Will Improve Your Kids Teeth and Gum Health

If you have been struggling to get your child interested in brushing their teeth or taking care of their dental health, many professionals have come out with fantastic tips to help. Some of the best ways to create positivity around dental health include: 

Leading by example

Children look to their parents when they’re young to help teach them to form healthy habits. When possible, have your kids watch you perform your brushing habits so that they can see it every day. After a while, they may want to try too! Children love imitating when they see their parents do so having them be present while you form healthy habits will make them want to participate more. 

Helping them establish a dental routine early

When their first tooth emerges, carefully brush it gently twice a day. This will introduce them to the brush twice a day habit. As they get older it is still important to help them brush or supervise their brushing to make sure that they are getting every spot.

Teaching them how to floss every day

Flossing is an incredibly important element of dental health. While it may seem early to introduce flossing into their routine, teaching your children how to floss helps them build the habit. It is recommended to start flossing when the child has more than one tooth on a single row of teeth. Start off doing it yourself and then show them how to do it. Make sure to remain gentle and encourage them to be gentle as well. 

Having them drink more water

When your child is thirsty, what is the first thing that you grab for them? While juice boxes are great on the go, they shouldn’t be the primary fluid intake that a child gets in a day. If possible, try converting more of their drinks into water. This will help safeguard their teeth, as water is rich in fluoride. If they are having difficulties switching over to primarily water, try taking them to the store and buying them whatever reusable water bottle they want to incentivize the change. 

Taking them to the dentist regularly 

Just like you schedule regular dental visits, your child also needs to visit the dentist regularly. Different dentists may have differing time frames for when children should have their first appointment. However, many can agree that they would like to schedule an appointment when the child is 1 or has had the eruption of their first tooth. When this happens, schedule an appointment for them at a local children’s dentist and make sure to make the trip fun to help them feel comfortable and enjoy their visits. 

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