Oral cavity checkup
Published On: April 28, 2022

Oral cancer is among the least-discussed cancers in the world. Despite most people ignoring it, research shows that about 300,000 people get it per year. This is a massive percentage of the global population. However, if your dentist detects it early enough, there are very high chances of treatment and recovery. At Sweet Smiles Dentistry, we ensure we thoroughly screen our patients during every dental appointment. Whether you come in for pediatric dentistry, laser treatment, cosmetic dentistry, teeth cleaning, or any other service, we will ensure you get an oral cancer screening.

Who Should Get a Screening?

According to research, this cancer affects more men than women. The ratio goes even higher with age. Men above fifty are more likely to get this cancer than those below this age. However, this doesn’t exempt other genders and ages. Cancer can get anyone, and thus we screen patients of all ages. We do not risk your health at Sweet Smiles Dentistry. We do not give room for assumption and test all patients for any signs of the disease

Catalysts of Oral Cancer

Like any other cancer, the main cause is unknown. However, many factors could put you at risk of getting the disease. These include:

  • Smoking cigars and pipes
  • Excessive alcohol consumption
  • Tobacco chewing and snuffing
  • Excessive sun exposure
  • Family history of cancer
  • Poor diet
  • Smoking marijuana

When you visit your dentist at Sweet Smiles Dentistry for an appointment, they are most likely going to ask you if any of the above risk factors affect you. This will give the doctor the right platform to advise you accordingly, whether you have signs of cancer or not.

Symptoms of Oral Cancer

Some of the common signs of this cancer are:

  • Lumps and swellings in the mouth and neck
  • White or red patches inside the mouth
  • Unexplained bleeding from your moth
  • Numbness on your face or neck
  • Sores on your face and neck that do not heal
  • Chronic sore throat and voice change
  • Pain in your throat
  • Difficulty in moving your jaw or tongue

However, it is essential to note that these symptoms do not mean you have cancer. Before concluding, you have to let the dentist screen you and do the necessary tests.

How Does The Screening Work?

The dentist will inspect all areas in and around your mouth, face, and neck. They will check the inside with a light and feel for any lumps or lesions, then gently feel around the neck and face for abnormal lumps or swellings. They may also do the dye test and request you to gargle and spit some blue dye. This will make any unusual cells stand out. If they suspect any trouble, they do a biopsy and take the cells for testing in the lab.

Screening for oral cancer should be an annual affair every time you visit your dentist. We have top-notch technology to ensure we do thorough screening on every patient at our facility. If you feel worried about any of the above symptoms, you are welcome to visit our facility and arrest the issue as early as possible. Visit us at Sweet Smiles Dentistry, and let us give you the best dental treatment and screening experience.

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